Sarah (bookworm1225) wrote,

Not Letting Go Yet

My Christmas tree is still up. Well, after all, it is artificial, and I didn't get it up until the day before Christmas. I want some time to enjoy it! So up it stays until at least mid-month. Though I suppose I've waited too long again to get more ornaments for it.

Christmas Eve service was a bit ragged. Sound guy got sick, so he wasn't there. Sub did his best, but it's never quite the same. And the lighting cues didn't go at all as planned. *rolls eyes* Ahh, well. No idea how Christmas Day was, as I wasn't there. Though I did stay half-an-hour after the Christmas Eve service to go through the slides for the Christmas Day service and make sure they were all correct, so whoever did it should have just had to fire it up and advance on cue.

Christmas Day, I had breakfast at my parents' house, and then we drove down to Rochester to visit brother and sister-in-law. They'd had no time for present shopping, of course, so we didn't get them anything, either. Well, almost. They did say that if we wanted to give anything, we should donate to the charity that runs the house they're living at--which I did. But I also gave them a copy of the Rifftrax DVD 'Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny.' I had to share the pain. *grin*

cressida0201's visit went well. We ODed on Rifftrax, grilled porkchops for dinner, and I drove her out to Montevideo on the 23rd. I'm assuming she's back home by now.

Saw 'Hugo' on the 27th. I quite liked it! I'm not sure I'll get to 'The Muppet Movie' while it's out, though. That might have to be a Netflix rental in several months.

In other news, I'm now a published author! I have a short story in the collection Tales of New Babbage: The Steampunk City. Yes, a bunch of us Second Lifers got together, wrote a collection of short stories about our city, and self-published it. I'm already trying to think of what to do for the next collection. (Besides volunteer to do a grammar sweep--my inner grammarian winced several times while reading this, I must admit. *wry grin*)

This new year has been a bit odd so far. I feel a Twitchy and restless. No idea why. I just hope it passes soon.
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