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Trying to Cope

Sis-in-law posted on her Facebook page this morning:
"Ron is not doing the best. Oxygen level is low & heart rate very fast. They are checking things to see what is happening."

Definitely not the sort of thing one wants to hear. Prayers would definitely be welcome.

I myself am finally getting over a cold that started developing two Thursday ago. Ended up taking 4 days off of work--which is good, as I needed to use up the PTO, but I'd rather it was used on something more fun. I did try last Wendesday to see the Edo Pop exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts; got about halfway through before pooping out. I'll just have to go back soon for the rest. *grin* (Perhaps when @cressida0201 comes to visit? We'll see...)

Finally working on some autumn pictures. I've posted a small set taken on a walk by the Minnesota River. Today or tomorrow, I'll have completed and posted the set taken when I drove up to Temperance River State Park for a day.

[Edit] Here are the Temperance River State Park pictures.

We had another round of layoffs at work. The department I'm currently in weathered it, but my previous department saw three supervisors given the boot, and two of the outside sales people I worked with were also let go. *sigh*

Lunch break is over. Time to go back to trying to concentrate on work.
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