Sarah (bookworm1225) wrote,

No pictures, for once--just a straight update

I haven't written anything about my brother for a while, as things have been so much up in the air. But now I can share more concrete news.

A bone marrow match was finally found. He and sister-in-law moved down to Rochester last week, to the Mayo Clinic, for the transplant and recovery. He's in the hospital now, getting immuno-suppression treatment. The transplant itself happens in a few days.

And yes, we're all rather twitchy. I can't help but be a bit extra-twitchy.
I was house- and dog-sitting when we first learned he had lymphoma.
I was house- and dog-sitting when we learned he'd come out of remission earlier this year.
Guess what I'm doing now? *wry grin*

Prayers and good thoughts would definitely be welcome.
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