Sarah (bookworm1225) wrote,

Yellowstone, day 6 (Sept. 1)

It was a bit cooler this day, and cloudy at first, but still very windy. Still nothing from Fan and Mortar, but we decided we'd had enough of being tied down to the Upper Geyser Basin. We went that morning for a stroll around Black Sand Basin (1), then went back for another predicted Grand Geyser eruption (1, 2, movie). Only one burst this time, but it was a very long burst for Grand.

After Grand, we went down to Oblong Geyser to wait for it to go. But while there, we got the call that Beehive Indicator was going, so we snatched up our things and took off. And again, thanks to the long lead time, we made it in time! (1, movie). And this time...I got my Beehive/Old Faithful dual eruption! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Man, that was wonderful!

In the afternoon, we left the Upper Geyser Basin again, and headed for Fountain Geyser, which we estimated would be erupting fairly soon. It was *very* windy there, and it clouded up not long into the eruption, but I still got several nice pictures. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, movie1, 6, 7, movie2)

There wasn't anything much going on after that, so after dinner, we took a stroll on Geyser Hill, then went to bed. And still nothing from Fan and Mortar.
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