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Guess what? I'm still alive!

Guess I have to admit it - my social media consciousness has switched over to Plurk entirely (with the occasional Tweet). Sorry, LJ. You're so 2003.

Of course, one of my other problems has been, and always will be, that I mull so much over longer writings that it's difficult to actually get them down on paper or screen. I can't tell you how many times I started writing something here, but gave up over wondering what to write. I'll never be able to do NaNoWriMo.

So, what has happened in the past year and more? Well, first things first: brother is doing better. Much better. It was a long, slow process, but he improved over the summer last year. He wanted to go with my parents and I to our family reunion, but his doctors nixed that--didn't think his heart would handle the altitude of Flagstaff at that point. But he and sister-in-law were able to go with us to Yellowstone by the end of the summer! And after that, he started back to work--part time at first, but he's up to full time now. And so far, bar lingering issues with his liver and eyes, he's clear. He's still going down to Rochester monthly for tests.

As mentioned, we did get in some major travels last summer. My dad's mom's side of the family had its every-three-years family reunion in Flagstaff, and my parents and I drove to that, taking our time. We hit Rocky Mountain National Park, which I'd never seen, and Carlsbad Caverns, which we had been to years and years ago. This time, we stayed close enough to the Caverns to go see the bats' nightly departure. That was a very interesting experience! I'm going to do my best to get photos up on Flickr, and more detailed account here, soon.

And, of course, we did our yearly trip to Yellowstone, with brother and sister-in-law. The best thing? After years and years and years of trying, we all saw Fan and Mortar erupt! I'm so glad my brother got to see that! Again, more detailed account, and pictures, to come.

Last year at work was very busy for me, as our undergraduate programs went through a major redesign, which necessitated major updates to all our articulation agreements. This year is going to be an entirely different story. So different, in fact, that I've been traded back to my old department, and I'm doing transcript and credit evaluations again, as well as any articulation agreements that come up. Heh. This wasn't at all what I was expecting, or wanting, but it does make my position more secure. And hopefully something will come up in the future that I can try for--something more on the academic side of things. We'll see.

I enjoyed several museum trips throughout the year for special exhibits. The Terracotta Warriors exhibit was amazing! To see the level of detail in those figures with my own eyes... wow. There isn't anything really major on the docket this year, for now, though, having just looked, I see that the Science Museum will have a Mayan exhibit this summer. Yum.

I am now a published author twice over. Sort of. *grin* I did tell you about my story in the book we New Babbagers self-published, Tales of New Babbage (now available in eBook format). Well, early this year, Volume 2 came out. (Link is to a YouTube video teaser that I quite enjoy.) It is also available in eBook format, so you don't have to spend too much to get a taste of what we do in Second Life. And I have not one, but two stories in Volume 2. If you buy it, see if you can figure out which ones they are. *chuckle*

That, I think, covers the big stuff. I'll try not to be so silent for so long again.
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