Sarah (bookworm1225) wrote,

Yellowstone, days 1 and 2

Gonna try it this way, and see if it spurs me to get it done in a more timely fashion. *grin*

Day 1 (Saturday, August 27):
Left at about 7:30 a.m. About an hour into the drive, we passed a truck that had a sign taped on the back: Dave Matthews Band Truck #1. I remembered that they'd had a gig at the Minnesota State Fair, and assumed they were on their way elsewhere from that. (Why am I relating this? You'll see...)

We hit a couple of Minnesota Historical Markers along the way: Red River Ox Cart Trails (1, 2) and Steamboats on the Red River (1, 2, 3). Driving through North Dakota, including an overlook at the entrance to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we saw that it was greener than in other years. Some of the ponds/lakes that line I-94 were also considerably larger.

We arrived in Forsythe, MT about 6:00, and stayed in our usual place, the Rails Inn. Then dinner, and bed.

Day 2 (Sunday, August 28):
Sunny, and very warm the whole day. We left Forsythe about 6:45 a.m. About 8:00 a.m., we passed a truck that had a sign taped on the back: Dave Matthews Band Truck #1. *laugh*

We arrived at Yellowstone a bit before 12:00, and drove immediately to the Upper Geyser Basin. We swung by Great Fountain Geyser to see if it was nearly ready to erupt. It was. So, after a hasty lunch of sandwiches, we settled down for its eruption. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) As it turned out, this was the only eruption of Great Fountain Geyser we saw the whole trip.

After watching it for about half an hour, we headed down to the Lower Geyser Basin to check in. After unpacking, we headed out for the Hill. We saw an eruption of Lion Geyser (the 6th in that series of eruptions, but still very good), Depression Geyser (a very wimpy one, so no pictures), Old Faithful Geyser, and finally Beehive Geyser. And if Beehive had started a few minutes earlier, or Old Faithful a few minutes later, I would have had a dual eruption picture to show. *sigh* It wasn't the best Beehive we'd ever seen--or would see, in the coming days--as it was quite windy.

After that, we went and had dinner. Mom was feeling tired, so just Dad and I went to Castle Geyser for its predicted eruption, dodging some elk on the way. Unfortunately, the Castle Geyser eruption was a minor one, meaning it only went for a few minutes. (1, 2) Which was a pity, as the lighting was very nice then.

(To be continued...)
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